Cheap Plasterers

Ames Building Services are recognised as cheap plasterers for the region in comparison to the rest of the market. This has been demonstrated by customer feedback in the last 48 months that consistently informs that our quotations are more competitive than other quotations that they have received.

In this period, 88.6% of instances, customers informed us that we had submitted the most competitive quotations. However, we have converted 92.1% of quotes in to contracts after being informed that although our quotations were slightly higher than others, our breakdown demonstrated that other competitors had failed to itemise various key materials that would have been passed on to customers as an extra fee at a later time.

We are confident that we are entitled to brand our firm as ‘cheap plasterers’ based on the above data achieved through customer feedback. It is important that our customers do understand that we do not compromise on the quality of materials that we use on projects or cut back the standard of our work and finish.

It would be fair to say that based on the average day rate that a cheap plaster would expect to achieve in the local area versus the local cost of materials in our trade sector that there is a ‘sweet spot’ where the best quote can be achieved providing you calculate exactly how long a job will take to complete from start to finish.

By slightly reducing the day rate under the average and achieving a very tight or almost zero margin on the cost of materials, the cheapest quote can be calculated without the detriment of the business’ financial position. We therefore know that if competitors then go on to in essence beat our quotes then we can confidently inform customers that these cheaper quotes must be flawed.

We will then examine how these quotes are cheaper to establish how this has been achieved and in 100% of instances will be able to inform the customer that the other quotes have fallen short of what is required in terms of materials and time to complete the project properly.